Programs Release: 08/30/2013

OpenRDA/Xpert programs have been released to our website for downloading and installing. These programs have a compiled and released date of 08/30/2013. Full release notes are available from Product Announcements (accessed via Help; product announcements can be sorted by category, module, and product date). Highlights of this month’s release are (click the article title to read more):

Positive Pay?_(Positive Pay file developed for First Citizens Bank in the Bank Reconciliation module for OpenRDA).
Reconcile Bank Statements (enhancements to this Bank Reconciliation process to facilitate selection of voided checks in relation to Statement Date).
Classify Receipts As Accrual to Prior Fiscal Year (Enhancements to the Financial Management feature announced in July, 2013, to improve the user experience; these enhancements make it easier to select the desired receivable code; allow expenditure type receipts to be reclassified; and provide integrity checks for fund agreement).
Monthly Trends Reports (enhancements to the Expenditure and Revenue Monthly Trends reports in Financial Management to provide a fund totals only option; these reports provide amounts for the 14 fiscal months).
10-Level Expenditure and Revenue Activity (allow different lengths of the same dimension/component to be included in the sort and totals; display of?_activity detail information is optional; with these new Financial Management reports for OpenRDA, account totals can be easily reported when the activity crosses fiscal years).
Managed Reference Numbers (extends the use of managed reference numbers to Intrafund Transfers and Interfund Transfers in?_Financial Management).
Vendor Address Labels (another option for vendor address labels in?_Vendor Payments module for OpenRDA; produces a tab-delimited file based on the selected vouchers).
Mass Change Employee Deduction Amounts?_(modifications to the report process in Payroll module for OpenRDA to?_allow ranging on job-related fields. Since deductions are at the personnel level, not at job level, care should be taken when using the job-related ranges to avoid changing an employee’s deductions twice or more).?_
Vendor Withholding Advice (modifications to the report process in Payroll module to use lists for the Pay Identification instead of direct entry in the from and to fields; this enhancement requires that the pay identifications not be marked as historical).
Apply Overpayment Type (a new setup variable in Occupational Tax/Business License module to indicate whether overpayments should automatically be applied to administrative fee or to tax).

Click for?_Product Announcements. Once on the Product Announcements page, change the RDA Category to the desired one and/or to the desired Module. The Start Date for the product announcements defaults to three months before the current calendar date but can be changed as needed/desired so that you’re seeing less (or more) announcements.

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