A new report has been created for OpenRDA and placed on the Payroll Tax Reports, 941 Federal Reports menu. The Report of Deductions that Affect 941 Taxable Earnings used the Deduction Calendar file (PAYDCSM). Amounts for deduction descriptions are summarized unless Employee Detail is checked (on the Range tab). Only deductions that affect 941 taxable earnings select into the report. Deductions that increase taxable earnings (such as employer-paid annuities, insurance greater than 50K, and fringes) are reflected as negative amounts. Deductions can be sorted by Deduction Type, W2 Deduction Type, or Deduction Description. If a deduction description’s deduction type changes (i.e., if it was sheltering but now is not, or vice versa), it is imperative that new deduction descriptions be created as this report uses the deduction type that is assigned to the deduction description at the time the report is run.

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