Simplify the Budgeting Process

It is getting to be that time when many of you are beginning to work on your budget for the new fiscal year. Remember, RDA has a Budget Preparation Module to help simplify the budgeting process, allowing you to produce unlimited budgeting scenarios.

If you use Budget Preparation, there is no need to maintain and manipulate multiple spreadsheets. The module allows you to make any adjustments to your budget and immediately see the effects, saving countless hours when developing your budget scenarios. You have the ability to bring in a prior year’s budget as a starting point. From there you can add a percentage increase or decrease to the whole budget or specific funds. You are able to run comparison reports looking at previous years’ budgets and expenses side by side.

The Budget Preparation module also has a payroll component allowing you to run a payroll based upon your new salaries and positions for the upcoming year and import the exact figures into your new budget, including employer paid taxes and benefits. You can make any changes needed for employee jobs, salary rates, deductions changes, and expenditure activity. Once the budget is approved, all changes can be moved into the payroll and financial modules quickly and easily. There is no need to manually change actual salaries to match budgeted salaries.

With the Budget Preparation Payroll component, you can also create contracts via the Contract Writer export file. The file exports specific fields to merge into your organization’s actual contract document. The information is extracted according to the salary information that your new budget is based upon, so the contracts will agree with your budgeted figures.

We encourage you to explore the automated processes that will save you time and headache when preparing your budget for the new fiscal year.  You can contact us at for more information on Budget Preparation to get you started.

“After remembering all those long hours of manual posting – I LOVE RDA BUDGET PREP – the fully integrated system is a huge time saver,  from budgeting to payroll it only takes a few strokes on the keyboard compared to the write it in here, post it there method “

-RDA Budget Prep User

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