Tax Form Information for 2015

Later this month RDA will begin taking orders for your 2015 tax form needs. Your basic options are listed below. More details will be provided when we begin the ordering process.

  1. Continuous feed forms (for dot matrix printers) will not be supported in 2015. You must use a laser printer for printing W2 and 1099s forms from OpenRDA software.
  2. RDA will provide a downloadable PDF form that can be printed on plain copy paper by a laser printer. This download will create the W2 and 1099 images. Your OpenRDA software will populate the employee’s W2 data and vendor’s 1099 data. No form orders are necessary for this option. However you may want to order double window envelopes designed specifically for W2s and 1099s through RDA.  (We also are offering perforated paper as noted in Option #3).
  3. To make folding, stuffing and delivery more convenient, RDA offers a perforated paper option. The perforated paper will be plain on the front, allowing you to use the PDF download mentioned above, but will have the W2 and 1099 IRS instructions pre-printed on the back. This will save you toner and time as you will have less printing versus using plain copy paper.
  4. You may contract with RDA for our W2/1099 Print Service. We will print, sort, fold, stuff and deliver your W2s and 1099s according to your preferences.

Keep in mind that RDA can also electronically file your W2s with the SSA, regardless of which printing option you choose. For our Virginia customers, we can also file your W2s with the state.

A Note on ACA

Many of you have inquired about ACA form options. We are actively discussing those requirements and what services we will offer our customers. I encourage you to sign up for one of our upcoming webinars to learn more about ACA reporting. As we learn more about the requirements for 2015 reporting, we will provide information about forms and services available through RDA. This will most likely be a separate ordering process.

Final Points to Remember

  • Continuous feed forms will not be a supported tax form option in 2015.
  • The ordering process will begin in late August. There will be an announced order deadline. Be sure you get your orders in during that time. The paper products are made in a limited supply and additional supplies may not be available in December or January.
  • When you receive your order, check it immediately and report any issues to RDA.

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