A Time-Saving Feature In Financial Management Reports

We heard from Bill Bowen at Poquoson Schools today and wanted to share what he had to say:

We just discovered emailing a CSV file from within the system and are excited to learn how much time this is saving us.

First, the process of generating a report, converting the report to CSV format and accessing/receiving a report is much faster using the email feature than using the CORE FTP software.  The process is about 3-5 minutes faster which seems like an eternity in the IT world.

Second, and the most important is that the emailed report displays the Fund, Project, Cost Code, Program, Function and Object Codes for each line of data. So, when you run a report that includes multiple accounts and you need to sort the data by Object Code, such as salaries or health insurance,  you can still see the other important details and codes.  The reports we had been generating and retrieving through CORE FTP did not display the Codes for each line item.  Instead they were displayed as Headers which makes it impossible to track other details and codes once sorted.

It should be stressed that every field needs to be populated, even the body of the email must contain something. (Enter recipient name, email address, subject, and note in body of email, THEN tab to unlock to send.) We found that if a field is left blank then the email is not delivered.  You can even populate the fields (other than email address) with junk.

First, thanks to Bill for sharing. We hope this tip will save you some time as well. If you would like to add any comments, or if you have any tips you would like to share, put them in the comments section.

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