Assembly of the State of Virginia announced last year that all school divisions should provide their employees, upon request, with a user-friendly statement of total compensation each year. The effective year to provide this statement is Fiscal Year 2014.
We have created a Total Compensation Statement, located in Payroll > Reports > General Payroll Info to meet this requirement. The statement is based on Fiscal Year wages and benefits; therefore, all payrolls for the Fiscal Year must be completed, in order to provide an accurate statement.
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This statement is available for use by any organization. In addition to printing the statement, it can be archived and emailed (for organizations with FAST Level 2 or 3).
Some preliminary set up is needed in order to produce the statement. Details regarding this setup can be found in OpenRDA Answers/Documentation, under Payroll > Documentation > Reports > How can I generate a Total Compensation Statement for the fiscal year for employees?

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