The process in the Vendor Payments module for undoing the update to bank rec process for checks and electronic vouchers has been modified so that summary records, instead of individual electronic records, are created in the Bank Reconciliation module for ACH vouchers. The process also has a feature for clearing the voided fields in vouchers when the wrong check was inadvertently voided. To use this feature, distribution and clear checks/EFTs processes must be undone for the void voucher transactions (if these processes were previously done); you should not, however, undo these two processes for the original check vouchers. Then use the Undo Update Bank Reconciliation process, ranging on check number and vendor ID only, and flagging the Clear Voided Fields in Voucher (from the Select and Range tab). Delete the Void Voucher Transactions, which should leave only the original vouchers for the check. Then run the check register (ranging on the check number and vendor ID, and selecting cleared and uncleared), confirm that the check amount is correct and, if so, set flags to update the check record in the Bank Rec module. ??The check record in the Bank Rec module will no longer be shown as voided and the amount of the check will be back to the original amount.

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