A new report has been created for OpenRDA and added to the Fiscal submenu under Reports in the Vendor Payments module. The Vendor Fiscal Year File Report creates a tab-delimited file (using the vendor fiscal year masters). The file will be named VENFYR plus the selected fiscal year and with a tsv extension. Vendors can be sorted by vendor identification or vendor name. The file will contain the following data fields: Fiscal Year, Vendor ID, Vendor Name, Remarks, and statuses for Active, 1099, Payroll, Minority, Female, Employee, RFP, Catalogue, Electronic, Direct Draft, and ACH Active. Additionally, the total number of invoices, gross amount and 1099 amount are included in the file. This report facilitates production of a current vendor listing for publication on your website (simply strip out the columns/fields that you do not need); the Remarks field can be used to indicate the type of vendor (i.e., services provided) if desired.

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