Vendor Payments and Purchase Requisitions

Vendor Payments and Purchase Requisitions

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My October 4, 2013 blog posting talked about purchase cards (P-cards). Hard to believe that was four months ago.  Anyway, in my (very humble) opinion, OpenRDA’s ESS Requisitions module is the absolute best solution for managing these type of purchases–for efficiency, transparency and accountability. I’m not sure about your area of the country, but it seems that every day I’m reading in the newspaper about someone  in an organization who has been caught using his/her issued P-card (or company credit card) for personal purchases.  And, I always wonder why it took so long for it to be detected.

But, if you’re not quite ready to deploy ESS Requisitions, you may want to try direct, credit card-type purchase orders or recurring vouchers.

If you would like more information on ESS Requisitions, please let us know.




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