When voiding a check in the Vendor Payments module, the voided date (affect cash date) as entered on the void checks screen is written to the check file in the Bank Rec module as well as to the void voucher transaction in Vendor Payments module. If using the optional Affect Date software bundle, this also becomes the Affect Date in the balance sheet activity (when the voucher is cleared in Vendor Payments). If an incorrect affect cash date is entered, the Check/EFT Voided Date (on the Process/Status tab of the VOID VOUCHER TRANSACTION voucher) will also update the voided date field in the check file of Bank Reconciliation when it is edited in the voucher. This field in the voucher is editable when not using the Affect Date software bundle; it is editable when using the Affect Date software bundle as long as the voucher hasn’t been Cleared or Distributed.


Product Date: Monday, February 25, 2013


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