So that only the vendor withholding check styles the organization is actually using display on the Checks/EFTs tab of Payroll’s Vendor Withholding task bar (OpenRDA), new setup variables (boolean, check box type fields) have been created. When program updates are run/executed, the one that corresponds to the scrolled list setting for V/W Check Type in Payroll’s generic setup variables will automatically be set. Any organization that is using more than one V/W check style can indicate this (on the V/W tab) by accessing Generic Setup Variables (Setup, Setup Variables). This will cause the Print V/W Checks options on the task bar to immediately update. Should the check style that displays not be the one you have been using, that indicates that the V/W check type was never set correctly and you should submit a helpdesk ticket.

Product Date: Monday, December 19, 2011

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