The Vendor Withholding Distribution report has been modified so that voucher detail (Vendor Identification, Bank Identification, Voucher Amount, Check/EFT Number, Check/EFT Date) display. An error message will also display for when the fiscal month in a voucher doesn’t follow the Check/EFT Date. Since vendor withholding vouchers are balance sheet only (credit to cash and debit to the applicable deductions payable account), the fiscal month should always follow the Check/EFT Date so that cash is affected correctly. If such errors display, do not accept the distribution report (viz., do not set flags to update the database). Instead, cancel and edit the fiscal month in the vouchers. Then run the distribution report. In order to edit the vouchers, the audit trail will need to be undone unless you have Administrative Edits. So that the Update Bank Rec process does not have to be undone when such errors are identified, the menu (task bar) has been changed so that the Distribution step is before the Update Bank Reconciliation step.

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