Preliminary verification reports have been created and added to OpenRDA’s menus in the Substitute Management module (on the task bar), the Employee Absentee Module (on the task bar), and the Leave Management module (on the Used tab of the task bar). The reports select non-finaled substitute work transactions and automatically display the results in viewpdf. The first report (SUBWKNOPAYJAMS) will list any jobs for which job accounts is true for the absent employee but the job doesn’t have a job account. The second report (SUBWKNOPOSACC2) will list any positions when job accounts is false for the absent employee but the position doesn’t have a position account. The third report (SUBWKNOSUBACC) will list any positions that do not have a substitute account. The fourth report (SUBWKNOPOSACC) pertains to substitute work transactions that are by position (instead of normal retrieval) and will list any such positions that do not have a position account.
These reports are intended to be run BEFORE selecting the substitutes into a payroll. Creation of job accounts for substitutes occurs during the select substitutes process using job accounts, position accounts and substitute accounts for the absent employee’s job and position. The Make Transactions process checks for the validity of these accounts in Financial Management.

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