A report that creates contributions file for ICMA-RC has been created and added to Other (on the Resource Bar) under VRS Reporting. The file should be created and submitted after each pay date. Only payrolls (pay masters) that match the Payroll Date entered on the Range tab of this report will select. The Plan Identification for the deduction descriptions must begin with VRS RET-DC. The first 5 characters for the Retirement Plan (from Personnel Demographics) is the VRS Agency Code. Due to the length of each record (500 characters), a printout is not provided. However, the text file will automatically be archived in E-Documetns. EZ Link can be accessed by clicking the world icon on the DOS Copy Window. Please note that we submitted a test file to ICMA-RC on behalf of our Virginia customers and it was successful. Therefore, as long as the Plan Identification in the deduction descriptions are correct (following the previously published instructions for this) and the Retirement Plan is correctly assigned in personnel demographics, your file should also be successful.

Product Date: Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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