Separate processes have been created for use when voiding a vendor withholding check or a vendor withholding electronic voucher. This has been done so that only the desired vouchers are selected for voiding and so that checks that have already been reconciled in the Bank Reconciliation module will not select. To void a voucher (whether check or electronic), it must first have been distributed and updated to the Bank Reconciliation module. Voiding an electronic voucher will now require entry/selection of the Vendor Identification, the Electronic Number, and the Electronic Date. Voiding of a check will now require entry/selection of the Check Number. The Check Date, Amount, Vendor Identification, and Vendor Name will automatically populate the screen once the Check Number is entered/selected; the Vendor Identification is stored in the Reference ID field of the check file and must match the vendor identification in the voucher(s) being voided. Both processes provide a printout. Setting flags will update the databases in Payroll, Financial Management, and Bank Reconciliation. Once the void is complete, the void transactions require distribution.

Product Date: Saturday, July 20, 2013

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