A new Vouchers Report by Calendar Year with 1099 Status has been created for OpenRDA and added to the Calendar reports. Because it should also be helpful in reviewing and verifying 1099 payment-type vouchers, it has been added to the task bar for 1099s. The report sorts by calendar year, vendor, and invoice ID. Vendors can be sorted by either vendor identification or vendor name. Included in the report are voucher number, source, fiscal period, invoice ID, Distributed Date, Amount, Description, Check/EFT Number and Date, and 1099 Payment Information. Totals are provided for the vendor and, optionally, for the invoice. Vouchers must be distributed to be selected (the report uses the vendor calendar file and this file is updated via the distribution process). Ranging on Calendar 1099 Amount (total of all 1099 payment vouchers that have been distributed) as well as ranging on calendar gross amount (total of all distributed vouchers for the calendar year) are available. Because 1099 payments may have been reclassified for and during the calendar year, it is highly recommended that the calendar file be zeroed and then re-established before running this report. This report will also indicate vouchers for which the calendar year doesn’t agree with the year of the check/EFT date.

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