OpenRDA 4.0 – Cutting Through the Hassle

I mentioned in a previous post, “Sharpening Your Ax“, that OpenRDA 4.0 is going to eliminate several hassles for you.  A few notable hassles to be addressed are those associated with VNC.  VNC over the years has served us well.  VNC, an open source program, is secure, stable, affordable and simple to use.  However, VNC has a some design limitations.  As technology progresses, these limitations produce more and more friction in the user experience.  We are excited that an internet browser on your desktop will replace VNC.  VNC will not be needed to process OpenRDA 4.0.

Key benefits in putting VNC to rest:

  • Users will be able to easily cut/copy and paste between your desktop applications and OpenRDA 4.0.
  • Core FTP will no longer be needed to transfer files to/from your desktop and server.
  • Integration with desktop printers will simplify your printing.
  • Imbedded or linked audio in OpenRDA 4.0 will use your desktop speakers.

I will review other hassles being chopped down with OpenRDA 4.0 in a future post.

Drop me a note to let me know what you think or if you have questions.

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