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???????What’s Next – RDA Product Road Map

As reported last time, we are very excited that the OpenRDA 4.0 rollout is going extremely well.

With OpenRDA 4.0 in production and exceeding expectations, it is time discuss what’s next.

Technology moves at a rapid pace.  Our product road map looks something like this:

  • 1980 – MicroBUDGET (AppleBUD was the first name but the folks in Cupertino took offense)
  • 1989 – MicroBUDGET+
  • 1995 – Xpert
  • 2000 – MicroBUDGET-GUI
  • 2010 – OpenRDA
  • 2015 – Project Gamechanger (Product Line to be named soon.)

The RDA product road map demonstrates how RDA constantly leverages technology to improve the tools you use to achieve your desired outcomes.

Nine months ago we knew the OpenRDA 3.0 Revenue Modules needed a major overhaul.  There is a dire need for these modules in the market. It was decided during these discussions to, not only redesign/rebuild our Revenue Modules, but retool them as well.  Retooling the Revenue Modules with the latest and greatest technology made perfect sense.  For all you techies out there, you can see the technology stack here.  This is the first phase in project Gamechanger.

The first public release of the Gamechanger Revenue Modules is scheduled for Q4 2015.   These modules will integrate with OpenRDA 4.0.  Here is a link to an early screenshot.

A product line name should be announced soon.

Once the Revenue Management modules are in production, retooling OpenRDA 4.0 and Employee Self Serve will commence. This will take place in 2016 and 2017.

Stay tuned for more updates in the next few months.

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