A new report has been created for OpenRDA and added to the Reports menu. It has also been added to OpenRDA’s new Year Endmenu items (accessed via Maintenance from the Resource bar). The Leave Job Master Unprocessed Amounts report uses the leave job file (LVEJOB) and sorts by leave identification. The report will display unprocessed earnings and unprocessed used amounts. Unprocessed amounts represent the total of leave transactions that haven’t been updated. Prior to running this report, it is recommended that you run the Sync Unprocessed Amounts report (from Maintenance, either Change/Set or the Year End menu) so that any incorrect/hanging unprocessed amounts are re-established based on any leave transactions that haven’t been updated. Because the Cap Leave Balances and Move Leave Balances report processes automatically exclude leave job masters that have unprocessed amounts, it is recommended that you review this new report so that the transactions can be updated before using the Cap or Move processes. Additionally, if leave balances are moved from one leave description to another, those transactions must be updated before another move leave process is run. This report can be run (repeatedly) to confirm that there are no unprocessed amounts.


Product Date: Thursday, June 6, 2013



The two processes for adding leave used transactions have been modified so that the input focus will go to the Used Description field when using the previous and next arrow buttons for the leave job number. This transversal was already in place when loading (magnifying glass icon) the job number. Additionally, the input focus will automatically go to the Reset Defaults button once the Save button is engaged. Should you wish to clear the Personnel Identification field, click the Reset Defaults button (with your mouse or with the space bar) and the input focus will then automatically go to the empty Personnel Identification field. If the Personnel Identification doesn’t clear with the Reset Defaults button, that indicates that you have personal or site screen defaults that need to be deleted.


Product Date: Monday, May 13, 2013


A Family Leave of Absence (FMLA) Report has been created for OpenRDA. This report uses the Family Leave (LVEFML) file. It displays Personnel ID, Employee Name, Number, Pay Location, Date Received, Approved, First Day of FMLA, Leave Start Date, Leave End, Anticipated Return Date, and Total Days Used.

This report will display on the reports menu in the Leave Management and Personnel modules when the generic setup variable (in Setup) for Use Family Leave is true/on. It will only display for OpenRDA 101 customers with the software bundle LV14 (Enhanced Reporting).


Product Date: Thursday, May 9, 2013


A report has been created for OpenRDA that will zero unprocessed amounts in leave and leave job masters. It will automatically re-establish unprocessed amounts using any leave transactions that haven’t been updated. This report is accessed via Maintenance.

Product Date: Tuesday, April 2, 2013



A new field has been created in the leave description (LVEDSC) file for MAXIMUM LIABILITY UNITS. This applies to leave descriptions for which liability is managed that have a maximum unit value. The field is on the Liability tab of the Leave Description Maintain Screen. It can then be used when applying liability and should negate the need for a custom liability expression (on the Liability Formula tab of the APPLYLIABILITY1 range screen) relative to liability limits. The printout has also been modified to reflect the ending balance as well as the liability units.

Product Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2013