A new report has been created for OpenRDA and added to the General Payroll Info menu option under Payroll Reports. The Job and Personnel Demographics Export produces a tab-delimited file in the xpert directory as well as in E-Documents (when opening the file in E-Documents with the OpenOffice application, please be sure to check Tab and uncheck Comma). The report selects based on active employee deductions and active deduction descriptions. In this file will be the personnel identification, name, address, gender, birth date, hire date, adjusted hire date, status title, marital status, pay location, phone number, email address, and total current salary. Job information includes job number, position ID, gross ID, job description (or position master description), remarks, misc salary, misc unit amount, retirement salary, life insurance salary, number of pays, work location, pay group, grade, step, contract months, contract days, and hours per day (jobs must be active to select into the report). Social security number can be masked to only display last 4 digits. Employee Name can be in separate fields (columns) if desired. This report will produce one record for an employee with varying number of jobs. No deduction information will be included in the file. Use of deductions in the selection criteria allows the selection to be refined. For example, ranging on Deduction Type of HEALTH-M would cause the file to only include personnel and job-related information for employees having active deductions of that deduction type. Use the Job-related fields to further refine the selection. This is especially necessary when employees have more than one active job master.

Product Date: Monday, September 23, 2013

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