RDA’s ASR Module and Data Import Services

Make Annual School Reporting and Data Entry a Breeze

RDA's ASR Module for your ERP System and Data Import Services are designed with one goal in mind: to make life easier.

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Make Annual School and Data Entry a Breeze

Get RDA’s ASR Module and Data Import Services

How would you like to cut back on the amount of time spent typing spreadsheets and reports that just never seem to end?

Imagine if items automated for you, so you rarely have to think about them again!

RDA can help you with that! Our innovative, Google Cloud-hosted solutions are the perfect remedy for your data entry doldrums.

Annuals School Report Relief...

RDA’s ASR Software Module takes the guesswork out of annual school reporting so you can focus on your daily office tasks—as a result, annual school report day is just another day at the office.

Schedule a demo to see what our innovative ASR Software Module can do for you and your team.

Data Import Services:

RDA’s Data Import Services saves you hours of keystrokes per day with a low-cost, data import process. Our services improve accuracy as well, cutting back on careless typos. Some of the most popular data import services we provide are:

  • Budget spreadsheets
  • New deductions
  • Bonus payrolls

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