about rda

Since 1980, RDA Systems, Inc., a Georgia-based S-Corporation, has been serving small to medium size local governments and K12 school districts. RDA provides powerful ERP fund accounting software and services across the US. The close-knit RDA Team provides very personalized humble service to the people using our software. We are strong advocates of Open Source software and use it where it makes sense. Like our customers, good stewardship of what is entrusted to us is very important.

Company History

RDA Systems started in 1971 as a consulting company helping schools and governments manage their finances. As part of that consulting, we played a key role in writing the standards still used by more than half of the states to ensure best practices in fund accounting for school districts and local governments. In those early days, the only systems were mainframes — or pencil and paper. In the early 80’s, when the PC came onto the scene, RDA saw an opportunity to improve fund accounting efficiency with software. After almost 20 years of developing and delivering commercial software, RDA Systems released Xpert, the first graphical user interface for the local government and K12 market. In 2009, we released OpenRDA, a web-based software as a service (SaaS) offering. In 2016 RDA’s newest product, Breeze, was released.

A lot of has changed since 1971, but our laser focus has remained the same: providing financial management solutions for school systems and local governments that are easy to use while delivering world class customer support.

Client Base

We serve localities with populations of less than 1000 to those over 225,000. RDA is used in numerous states throughout the US with software and services for schools and local governments.

Working with such a broad client base has exposed us to a wide range of requirements, challenges, and resources. In order to meet the many demands of our client base, we took a different development approach.

A Tools Based Approach

Rather than “hard coding” system changes, we chose the path of configuration vs. costly customization — flexible tools that could tailor the software to the individual needs of each client. In addition, these tools support the unique business rules of each department, school, and support facility. Matching the functionality of RDA software to the culture of our clients has resulted in reduced workloads and soaring productivity.

Our tools based approach gives our customers another significant advantage: it has allowed us to radically change our customer support model. We now hire accountants and other functional specialists rather than programmers and technical troubleshooters as the front line personnel for support. Dealing with support personnel who are themselves accountants, you don’t have to spend time explaining accounting procedures to the person on the other end of the phone; they get it. And this allows them to get straight to the problem and to solve it, saving you valuable time.