North Dakota State Legislature reduced individual income tax rates effective for calendar year 2015. ?_
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While updating your tax tables mid year is optional – the state is encouraging that all changes be made as soon as possible. Please note that there are no withholding adjustments that will need to be made for payrolls already completed for the 2015 calendar year.

RDA plans to release the updated tax tables in a future program release – If you wish to update your tax tables immediately – you can update your tax tables manually .?_ The new tax tables can be found at?_

If you decide to update your tax tables manually and have any questions/concerns – please submit a help desk ticket. If you decide to wait for RDA to release the changes in a future release – please watch for future announcements and instructions.

Instructions for Manually Updating Tax Tables:

Payroll > Setup > Define Tables
Select the State Tax Table to be updated
Select each line of the tax table and update the From, To, Base & Rate fields with the corresponding line of the tax table posted on the ND State Website
After updating all lines of tax table – Select SAVE on the Maintain Tables screen before closing.
Please check the exemption amount on your ND STATE Deduction Description . This field can be found on the COMPUTE tab – the exemption amount should be $4,000.00. Please update it accordingly.

Additional information for updating manually:

– Do not use decimals or commas when entering amounts.?_ See examples below:

$403.70 should be entered as 40370
$10,000.00 should be entered as 1000000

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