11/13/20 OpenRDA 4.0 Programs Released

11/13/20 OpenRDA 4.0 Programs Released

New OpenRDA 4.0 Programs release version 4.0.58-42155 are available on the web.  Programs Included in this release:

  • A new worksheet report (Detail Expenditure Worksheet) was released that allows for a side by side view year to date for account codes
  • A new expenditure detail report that exports into Excel for further analysis
  • New import process from excel to budget prep
  • Adding new fields to define list queries
  • Changes to deleting a receipt if “bank rec updated” has not been undone
  • Making receipt “update bank rec” a restrictive process
  • A fix for “Use default Journal Codes” for Balance sheet Journal Entries
  • Changing of several export reports from TSV files to CSV 
  • Adjusted range screen instructions on several report screens
  • Allowing for vendor payment board report to show amounts in the millions of dollars (increased number of digits)
  • Creating an error for two different funds being posted to on an intrafund journal entry
  • Correct to view on the GAPARIS report
  • Adding Coverage start date to the SHBP AUF file
  • Changes to CPI 2021 file layout
  • Added rates to the total select payroll report
  • Improvements and corrections to several year end processes
  • Improvements to Financial Management and Vendor Payments combined processes reports and home screens
  • A new Journal entry import w/ account translation process


2 thoughts on “11/13/20 OpenRDA 4.0 Programs Released”

  1. Would like to make a suggestion concerning the update process:
    When an update process is complete, have a “complete” message appear on the screen. During several processes today, one being the W2 update, the screen grayed out and I had to “X” out of the process rather than Exit out of the process. I don’t know if the process finished, timed out, or was still processing as I got the message “Do you want to leave this page or Stay on this page?” I left the page. Just a suggestion, thanks for listening.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion, Jewel! I think that would be useful to know if it finished! I will pass this along to the development team, as I know they are looking to improve the program update process! In the meantime, one way to know is to click on on the update status and it will show the last time it has been updated (to view if it is today’s date)


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