There are new program updates available to download. Version 4.0.94-45864:

  • Added the software IDs for 2023 to the 1094/1095 electronic filing output.
  • RDA screen defaults changed to 2023 for the search browse screen when viewing W2s.
  • Changed the Medicare computation formula to remove the section that made the penalty start at 250k instead of 200k for single filers.
  • Corrected a problem with the census data export columns when using the single line option.
  • Removed wired default for the select type on the add recurring vouchers in mass power add that would prevent screen defaults from working.
  • Changed the payroll affect select expression regarding INS>50K so that deduction will not negatively shelter MD state tax as it did not with PA state tax previously.
  • Changed the load time from ESS report to use the rate ID from the approver instead of the approved timecard.
  • Added a range on rate ID to the load timecard from ESS report.

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