Ransomware Protection

3 Actions You Must Take To Deal With Ransomware in Your Organization

Ransomware may not always be prevented, but a fast and full recovery is probable.

RDA’s Municipal and School Districts Suites are built on a foundation of Fund Accounting and set securely in the Google Cloud Platform for fast and reliable Disaster Recovery.

Predictably in 2021 the US Public Sector experienced a bombardment of financially motivated ransomware attacks that impacted 2,323 local governments, schools, and healthcare providers. Gus Genter, the CIO of Winnebago County, estimated the potential cost from a ransomware attack saying: “Statistics let us know that the average ransomware incident costs $8.1 million and 287 days to recover.”

A solid Ransomware Protection Plan includes these three actions:

  1. Identify your organization’s current IT risk and where your critical assets reside
  2. Protect, Detect, and Respond with certified software and technology
  3. Don’t just back up your data, but have a true Disaster Recovery plan

At RDA we don’t just back up your data, but copy your entire system instance (software, operating system, data, and documents) using advanced, intelligent, cross-cloud data assurance, and disaster recovery technology. The result is lightning-fast recovery from the automated daily backups within hours of the ransomware discovery or within one to two days for Archived Backups greater than 14 days.

Additionally, your Production and Recovery environments are in separate SOC 2 compliant Google regions for added protection. RDA also provides a Ransomware Cleansing Service that fully disinfects the affected Production Environment.





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