Pivot Grid vs. Pivot Table

4 Reasons RDA’s Pivot Grid is a Superior Data Reporting Software than Pivot Table

Effectively organizing data and sharing it with your staff is key to increasing your organization’s productivity and making crucial data-driven decisions. But with so many different data organization software products in the market, it can often be difficult to know which one best meets your organization’s needs.

Once you have selected a reporting software, the bigger challenge is knowing how to use it and how to train your employees to do the same across your entire organization.

At RDA Systems, we offer a suite of applications that help organizations like yours to manage everything from finances, to revenue, to your workforce. Pivot Grid is a reporting module available within our system that can be used as a standalone or, most advisably, in conjunction with our other applications.

Pivot Grid will allow you to source data in real-time from across your organization and automatically arrange it in clear and attractive models, graphs, and charts. It allows administrators to organize vast data sets so that they can convey vital information to their teams and make better data-driven decisions faster.

But why use Pivot Grid instead of another data conversion software like Excel’s Pivot Table?

It all boils down to RDA System’s  superior product and service. But let’s dive into the details and look at the 4 reasons RDA’s Pivot Grid is a better data reporting software than PivotTable:

1. Functionality

Pivot Grid is hosted securely in the cloud and delivers on all the following:

  • Runs multiple tables where data is merged
  • Creates dynamic reports
  • Uses canned reports and templates within the module
  • Is mobile and web compatible
  • Has an easy-to-follow user interface

Excel’s Pivot Table is not as intuitive or user-friendly. It is not mobile-compatible on android devices. And while Excel for the Web allows you to view Power Pivot tables and charts, you must first have Excel Desktop to create the data models. You cannot create them on the web.

2. Automatic Updates and Real-Time Analytics

Pivot Grid’s reporting software offers automatic updates and real-time analytics for RevMGT and OpenRDA users. It is integrated with OpenRDA. So if you are a current user of OpenRDA, then all data being pulled in the Pivot Grid module will be kept accurate and up to date. There is no need to manually key in sets of information.

The amount of time this will save you is incalculable. And the number of errors you will avoid by having all your data tracked, saved, and organized in one place makes Pivot Grid worth the investment regardless of any other benefit on this list.

With Excel, unless you regularly update your pivot table with new data, you are basically relying on old data for your metrics and analytics –  which means it will be hard to rely on pivot tables for real-time analytics.

3. Smooth Learning Curve

RDA provides a hands-on, white-glove service and phenomenal support. Our team will take ownership of “taming the beast” so users can use it for data analysis straightaway. With RDA’s Pivot Grid, you are not just purchasing the data organization software, you are getting the help you and your staff need to know how to use it.

The reporting software is so intuitive that the learning curve will be smoother than you could possibly imagine. This will make it easier to onboard current staff, as well as new employees, once the system is up and running. Whenever you need to train your staff, you will find that they can quickly learn how to use this invaluable tool.

With Excel, setting up Pivot Table can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for first-time users. You will get the software, but no personalized training on how to use it or adapt it to your organization’s needs.

4. Personalization and After-Sales Relationship

RDA delivers strong concierge support after your purchase, going to all lengths to ensure that the solution you have paid for is tailored precisely to your needs. RDA Systems partners with clients to provide phenomenal customer support and hands-on white glove service to create and maintain a strong post-engagement relationship.

You will deal with a single salesperson who will create a personal connection with your organization, provide you with fast response times, and develop a long-term relationship that will ensure that you receive only the highest standard of professionalism and service.

You won’t find that kind of relationship or customer service from any other data reporting software company.

The Bottom Line

If you have found that it is time to pivot towards productivity with RDA’s Pivot Grid module, rest assured that it clearly beats out any competition in terms of both product quality and customer service.

Using Excel’s PivotTable software will only get your organization so far. When you need personalized solutions and increased data organization capacity, you need RDA’s Pivot Grid module.

Most importantly, we will not be satisfied by simply selling you a product. We are here to ensure that it works for your organization. RDA will be with you from step one, working with you and your team to train, troubleshoot, and triumph as you use data from across your organization to make the critical decisions that only data can bring to light.

Make the pivot towards productivity today with RDA’s Pivot Grid module

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