Dave Davis


A Guide for HR Managers: Employee Relationship Management Strategies for the Optimal Workplace

It is no secret that the current job market is filled with great candidates with stellar resumes. Employers are always looking to fill positions with top talent, though it is important to remember that qualified employees are well-aware of their worth. This puts the onus on organizations to provide not only a paycheck, but also excellent leadership, professional development opportunities, and a collaborative working environment to retain talent.

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Alice Maloney-Bell retired in 2006 after a career as a government finance manager in Delaware. Since then, she’s been working a variety of part-time jobs that have included kitchen design and home decorating, among others. One of her more interesting part-time positions was working for a monument company where she sold headstones and also designed the artwork on them. She said it was an honor to collaborate with the surviving family members in the design process to best represent the loved one who passed away.

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ERP Software

How to Choose the Best ERP Software for your Organization

Organizations that handle large volumes of data – from technical and administrative data to various types of catalog content – need Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This is essentially the “brain” or “backbone” of the organization’s operations. ERP systems are the central storage point for an organization’s information, making it extremely easy to find for authorized personnel and any linked software.

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Accounting Software

9 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Accounting Software

Accounting software is meant to make managing and running your company more efficient while giving you visibility into the company. Technology has advanced significantly and has become an important aspect of managing companies of various sizes. Different organizations may need different accounting software depending on their nature.

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Procurement management

What is the Best Procurement Software for Municipalities and Schools?

How certain are you that your organization is using a procurement software that best serves your needs? There are many considerations when it comes to a reliable PO requisitions software such as integration, automation, and communication. If you’re feeling that it’s time to update, here’s a go-to checklist for functionalities to consider when it comes to purchasing a new procurement software:

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Dawn Brown, a relatively new employee with RDA Systems, is truly enjoying her role as Client Care Specialist. Dawn’s primary responsibilities are to teach RDA clients how to use the Accounting and Payroll software systems, and provide support as needed. The biggest thing she’s noticed over the two months she’s been at RDA is how much the company enjoys being a blessing to others and serving them.

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ERP Systems

The True Cost of Free ERP Systems

Just because a software solution is free does not mean that it comes without a cost. It may have additional maintenance costs and the updates tend to be slow, which may cause compliance issues or gaps in information. Also, it … Read More

Pivot Towards Productivity with RDA’s Pivot Grid Module

Pivot Towards Productivity with RDA’s Pivot Grid Module

Imagine going into a team meeting where you had to present a myriad of unorganized, hard-to-read, statistical data. Countless rows of numbers make it next to impossible to get through all your information in such a short amount of time. Usually, people just need to understand the highlights of what your data means for them.

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