8 Apps to Consider in the New Work From Home Era

8 Apps to Consider in the New Work From Home Era

Your work environment has changed greatly since March.  Working remotely or from home is quickly becoming the new normal.  Google recently announced their offices won’t be reopened until the middle of next year.  I suspect many businesses will never go back to traditional workspaces.

The new paradigm has positive and negative aspects.  This post is to share some apps that mitigate some of the negative aspects of decentralized workspaces.   One negative is the loss in synergy and creativity when we are no longer connected in the same room with people.  I believe that we are stronger as a unified team.  These apps help maintain the teamwork aspect of a collective workspace while working remotely.

8 apps to consider for improving remote work spaces:

  • Voxer – Secure, real-time communication in one powerful push-to-talk (PTT) app. It is like texting but with voice inflection.
  • Loom– The expressiveness of video with the convenience of messaging. Think texting, but with audio and video.
  • Remo – Create powerful webinars, summits, live q&a’s, or conferences. In-person networking online.
  • Marco Polo – Stay in touch with the people who matter most to you. Simple video texting.
  • Sococo – Work remotely, side by side. A real-time view of your teams at work.
  • Pragli – A virtual office for remote workers and teams.
  • Gatherly – Bring your conferences, networking events, social events, happy hours on line.
  • Basecamp – The premier project management + internal communication tool for remote WFH teams worldwide.

Those that can harness communications in this new paradigm will be ahead of others stuck in pre C-19 channels (text, email, and phones).

Have you found an app that is improving communications in your team?


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