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Just a reminder that ALL employers must be registered to electronically file 1095’s, and that RDA will NOT be electronically filing these forms for you.  Some of you have RDA file your W-2’s, however, filing 1095’s is a separate process.  RDA WILL provide the electronic file for you to file your 1095’s yourself, but you are responsible for registering and obtaining a Transmitter Control Code (TCC) from the IRS to complete the filing.  Please see the link below for registration information:


It is extremely important for all employers to understand their reporting responsibilities.  Please visit the IRS Affordable Care Act Information Returns website for information regarding communication and testing required for all employers.


Once again, RDA is happy to assist with ACA setup, however we are not able to direct you on which codes to use for reporting, as we are not experts on the benefit plans that you offer to your employees.   We recommend contacting your Benefits Coordinator or the IRS for questions regarding ACA reporting.

Please remember to check RDA’s blog and news articles for any program releases and additional ACA and year-end information.

We also recommend that you sign up for the IRS QuickAlerts, so that you can receive email notifications of the most up-to-date information regarding ACA requirements.


Stay tuned for a news article announcing the upcoming product release, which will be on or around 12/15/15.  You will need to run updates, as this release will contain the 2015 form / filing changes for 1099’s and W-2’s, as well as the forms for ACA reporting.  The electronic filing for ACA will be released in early to mid-January.

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