View Activity from OpenRDA’s Summary Inquiry screen now allows the detail records that comprise the activity to be viewed on the screen (and in a csv file, if desired). To do this, select the desired activity record from the browse list. Then click the Detail button. Click the Cancel icon to leave the query screen and the Cancel icon to leave the activity screen. Once back on the browse screen, click the Continue button to close the screen. This same type of drill-down is also available from the Activity’s maintain screen. When the CSV option is used, a temporary file will be created for viewing/manipulating the data in a spreadsheet. Since this is a temporary file, it will not be placed into Financial Management’s electronic filing cabinet. Please note that original activity records that were subsequently undistributed (or uncleared) or activity created from the undo processes will no longer have associated detail records as those detail records will either be redistributed (which results in additional activity records) or will be deleted. Also, since it is not required that all records from a distribution batch be undistributed in order to make corrections, the total for the activity will not necessarily agree with the detail records (as one or more of the detail from the original distribution may now be associated with another activity record). When drilling down to detail from activity, the program matches existing details that have the same Account Type, Definition Type, Fiscal Year, Fiscal Month, Source User, Source Module, Source Process, Distribution/Clear Date and Time (which equates to the activity entry date and entry time). Because many of the processes that create financial management activity also contain another unique identification (such as journal identification for receipts, journal entries, and clear checks/EFTs; tax year in the revenue modules, etc.), a new field has been created in the activity files (balance sheet, expenditure, and revenue) for Reference Identification. Another new field in the activity files is From Undo Process. Processes have been changed so that these new fields are populated when the activity is created. Because these new fields will not be populated in activity that already exists, drilling down to detail from an activity record may reveal more detail that was not part of the activity record; and will always reveal less (or none) if the original distribution was undone.

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