ACH Payments – Secure. Cost-effective. Worry-free.

Thoughts on ACH Payments vs. Traditional Checks

ACH payments are a hassle-free and simple to track method to pay your vendors. ACH is more secure, takes less time, and costs much less on average than traditional check payments.

The cost savings of ACH payments include lower processing costs than checks or debit/credit cards. You don’t have to worry about the fees that come with paying via cards. Printing checks and their associated labor and time costs can become a thing of the past. We’ve all worried about the check that has been lost in the mail or destroyed, but with ACH, that worry goes away, as well as the opportunity for fraud that comes with the exposed personal information, including routing and account numbers, that appear on paper checks.

With ACH payments also comes the convenience of never needing to print, sign, fold, and stuff checks into envelopes, then postmark and mail them! You won’t have to reprint lost or stolen checks, stop payment on checks, or worry about the time it takes to deposit the check! The money arrives to your vendor quicker, cheaper, and more secure than before. With recurring payments, you will no longer have to worry about missing a payment.

We all value our time, and ACH payments process faster AND are given preferred funding than paper checks. Unfortunately, at times, the human element gets in the way of processing funds quickly due to human error. ACH payments reduce human errors and the time spent fixing them, saving both time and money for you and your vendor…time and money that can be spent on more productive tasks.

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