Alert Update

Alert Update

The problem with Cybersupport turned out to be site specific and not a problem with programs. ?_However, this is a good reminder that if you do not receive a confirmation email when submitting a cybersupport request, we probobly did not receive your request. ?_Please call (800-338-4984) or email ( us. ?_
The Make Transaction bug related to?_Refund Deductions?_has been found and corrected. ?_Payroll programs
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downloaded prior to 12/17/2014 @ 3 PM ?_will need to be downloaded again though updates need not be processed. ?_Look for a program date of 12/17/2014 or later when downloading the payroll program.

Prayerfully, this did not cause a great deal of interruption to your busy day. ?_I am sorry this happened at such a busy time. ?_
We are going to review our procedures to improve our delivery of program updates. ?_
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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