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I’m Nancy Marbry, and I have recently joined the team at RDA Systems.  Having started in January, 2014 I am still within the first ninety (90) day period and am striving to make a contribution to the team.

This is what I have witnessed in the past ninety (90) days (which includes the interview process).  The interview process was one of the most unique experiences I have ever encountered.  Numerous team members were involved in each step of the interview process.

One step of the process was to write a paragraph or two on “Outstanding Customer Service” and one of RDA’s Core Values.  In all my years of business experience I have never been asked to write a couple of paragraphs as part of the interview process. I thought, “That’s unusual!”  When writing about “Outstanding Customer Service”,  I laid out all of my expectations as a consumer.  In doing this, I noted that my expectations were very high.  The following questions crossed my mind, “How do I stack up to my own expectations?”; “Is meeting expectations good enough?” “What do I need to do to exceed expectations?”

After writing about Outstanding Customer Service, my next challenge was to write about one of RDA’s Core Values.  I chose ‘Honesty and Integrity’.  The following is a quote from my dad –

“Integrity is one of the most important assets you own as you go through life.  It is difficult to maintain. If you choose to act in a dishonest or untruthful manner, it will follow you around the rest of your life. You need to remember that this is your reputation!  Trying to regain the confidence and trust of others after you have compromised your integrity is near impossible.”

 Robert F. Marbry

What I learned from this experience is that Outstanding Customer Service and Honesty and Integrity are a reflection of YOU. You make the choice of how you would like to communicate, how you would like to approach your job, whether or not you feel your customer is worthy of  your absolute best and whether or not you are going to be honest and walk with integrity, no matter the consequences.

I came to RDA very confident, ready to take off running, even though I was told that learning the software takes time.  I thought I have all of this diverse experience, how hard can it be?  I am going to make a significant contribution in a couple of weeks.  NOT!!!  After day one , my head was spinning.  After day two  I felt like I was drowning in the middle of the ocean.  “Am I going to make it?”  What a humbling experience.

The reason I say all of this is because I found, from day one, that RDA sets itself apart from most other companies, not just in what the company does, but mostly because of their core values and the awe inspiring team that they have in place.   Working at RDA is not just a job, it is like being part of a family.  I will never forget speaking with Dave Davis on that first day and him saying, “if you are just looking for a paycheck, this is not the job for you!”  I now fully understand what Dave was saying.  The knowledge and skills of each team member is amazing.  Everyone does more than their job, they are all ready to serve the customers, jump in when another person needs help or support and they will stop what they are doing to answer a question from the “new kid on the block”!

What you don’t know about me – I was born in Texas and spent the majority of my childhood in Parma, OH.  I am the second of five children. My grandparents lived with us most of our lives, teaching us the worth of core values.  I have one beautiful daughter Gina, son-in-law Josh and they have blessed me with two wonderful grandson’s, Jacob and Parker.  In 1978 I moved from Ohio to New Jersey and lived in New Jersey for 18 years and in 1996 moved to Atlanta.  In my spare time (which is rare when you have grandkids) I like to visit with my mom, travel, make jewelry, read, watch sports and play golf.

I have 35 years of Business Executive and Management experience in the areas of Finance, Operations; Hiring, Employee Development, Vendor Relations, Receivables Management, Auditing/Internal Compliance and Facilities Management.  I have enjoyed all of the twists and turns in my career, every experience adding a new dimension to my life and career.  The position at RDA has pushed me out of my comfort zone, challenged me to humble myself to ask questions and be open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

I enjoy speaking with you, our customer, and helping you with software questions. I have met some of you via the phone, however have not spoken with everyone.  I don’t know everything yet, but no matter who I am speaking with I will give you my absolute best.  If I don’t have an answer to the question,  I will research the issue and find a resolution to the problem.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to working with you!

Have a wonderful and  blessed day!


10 thoughts on “Another Great Customer Service Representative Joins RDA”

  1. I very much enjoyed reading your article. Your father’s quote, well….that I read several times..how true!!!

    I look forward to talking with you and working with you……………

    You have joined a wonderful team!

    • Monica:

      Thank you for the well wishes. My father was a very wise man and my hero!

      I have enjoyed working with our customers, everyone has been so patient and understanding, allowing me time to research a problem if necessary. Of course the team at RDA has been great to work with.

      I look forward to talking to you and working with you in the future!!!

  2. Nicely said, Nancy. As a vendor who is privileged to work closely with Mike and Dave, I can attest to what you said about honesty and integrity.

    PS: I heard spooky music in my mind’s ear when I read that you moved to New Jersey in 1978 and from there to Atlanta in 1996. That exactly describes my family’s timeline, too!

    • Jeff:

      Thank you for your comments. Growing up in the Mid-west, New Jersey was quite a transition. Moving to Atlanta feels more like home! Hope you are enjoying Atlanta as much as I am.

      Many blessings to you and your family!



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