The process for Approving Purchase Orders has been enhanced so that the Default Approve Value is 1) Awaiting Approval; 2) Approve; or 3) Rejected. This is a process by exceptions report and allows the desired PO to be selected and the approve value changed from the default value as desired. Leaving a PO as Awaiting Approval is the equivalent of skipping the record. A printout continues to be provided and indicates the approval value for the purchase order(s). Ranging on site identification has been changed to use lists (rather than input fields).
The range screen also allows for a select expression (which can then be saved in group or personal defaults). For example, a user may be allowed to approve all sites but normally only approves three of the sites and wishes to approve all three sites at one time. The sites are not consecutive which precludes ranging on the Site ID. The Select Expression could then be written as: ([PURORD][PURSIT][SITE IDENTIFICATION]=”0210″) OR ([PURORD][PURSIT][SITE IDENTIFICATION]=”0400″) OR ([PURORD][PURSIT][SITE IDENTIFICATION]=”0600″)

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