Update on Buddy

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Buddy thenSix months ago, you may have read the blog post about Dona adopting Buddy from the Atlanta Humane Society. Buddy was one of over 50 shelties rescued from deplorable conditions. After many attempts, Dona was able to get the last sheltie that was healthy enough to be adopted. At that time, Buddy was extremely underweight, malnourished, and had a severe skin infection from a flea infestation. He spent the first 5 years of his life living outside in a crate or small pen with very little human contact and no human affection. He walked around with his tail tucked under and was so shy, timid, and fearful of everyone and everything.

Buddy nowSix months later, here is Buddy! His weight has doubled to the ideal weight for his size! His coat is beautiful, shiny, and full! His tail wags non-stop! He has learned to play with his toys and can go up and down stairs. He has recently become vocal and loves to “talk”. Buddy now knows he is a loved and treasured little boy, and he is enjoying being the king of his castle! He is thriving and learns new skills every day. He is confident, happy, and playful, and Dona is thankful for him every day!

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8 thoughts on “Update on Buddy”

  1. That is super great. Buddy deserves a loving home. May he never be reminded of his past and always be given hugs and kisses. He looks healthy and happy! Great job Dona.

  2. Buddy is so beautiful. Dona, I admire you so much for coming to Buddy’s rescue. Your bond will always be strong. How great is our God to always bring these blessings into our lives.

  3. Great for Buddy to have found someone who cares. It is a great thing to watch yourself bring a unhealthy animal back to health again. I know, I did the same with my cat. It is a great reward for the animal and for yourself. May you have many happy years with him. He looks unbelievably healthy. God Bless you and him.

  4. May God bless you!!! Thank you for stepping in and rescuing that beautiful dog. My heart feels up with love when I read a happy ending to such a sad start in life. There needs to be more Dona’s in this world with such a big heart!!!


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