Changes to our Team

Farewell To A Long-Term Team Member

It is bittersweet to share that Mohammed Sylla has joined another company.  Mohammed came to us right of college 17 years ago.  Mohammed was a valued team member and will be missed.  We are excited about this wonderful opportunity for he and his family, and wish him the best of success in his new endeavor.

And Welcome To Our Newest Team Members

I am happy to share the good news of Ennis Brag joining the RDA team.  Ennis will fill the slot of Product Coach.  This role encompasses product development and technology.  Ennis spent the last 8 years working in Manhattan, NY at a very large technology firm serving the financial industry.  Ennis is glad to be back in his home state.

More good news!! Joy McWhirter is our most recent addition to the RDA team.   She brings almost 20 years of IT and accounting experience to our Customer Care team.  Joy has worked with most of the big ERP systems.  Her time as a Senior Revenue Accountant at Verizon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to enhancing and supporting our Financial Management and Revenue modules.

Please welcome Ennis and Joy to our team.  Their short bios can be found at “Meet The Team”.  You will get to know them better when they give a report of their first 90 days with RDA.

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