School ERP System

Expanding Your School ERP System

Have you decided to expand your School ERP System, but are unsure where to turn for reliable, expert advice? RDA offers effective, cloud-hosted ERP solutions to update your system and provide you with reliable, fully integrated software.

Our ESS Portal, ASR Module, and Pivot Grid can increase the value of the ERP system by streamlining information flow, reducing paperwork and keystrokes, and creating custom reports to get exactly the information your staff needs.

ESS 2.0 Portal

RDA’s ESS (Employee Self-Serve) Portal allows your school office staff to take control of their data and relieves your HR team of hours of monotonous data entry, stress, and headaches. With our portal, your team members have 24/7 access to their employee records from any mobile device. They can download and print pay stubs and W2s, punch in and out of work, access and review timecards, and request PTO and sick leave. ESS is especially convenient when a staff member forgets to request PTO on a weekday. With a couple of clicks, they can request off through the portal.

ASR Module

The *ASR (Annual School Reporting) Module takes the hassle out of annual school reports and automates the process for you, saving you time and money by eliminating the need to source and type so much data. Typically, ASR requires hours of tedious data entry, but “less is more” with our ASR solution. RDA’s ASR Module can consolidate multiple accounts into one ASR line, automatically split accounts into multiple ASR lines by percentage, convert employee expenses to FTE totals, produce all newly required records in text file, and back up data every single night.

Pivot Grid

Another ERP solution we offer is our Pivot Grid which is a tool that allows you to input data and organizes it for you. It is yet another RDA solution that eliminates hours of data entry, saving your staff time and money.

Ready to Expand?

When you combine our ESS, ASR, and Pivot Grid, you get an ERP system that streamlines and sources data for you, automates tedious processes, and significantly reduces keystrokes. Our ERP solutions save you time and money. If you would like to learn more about expanding your school’s ERP system, contact our RDA team to schedule a demonstration or speak with one of our highly qualified team members.

*At this time, the ASR Module is only available in Virginia.

About RDA

RDA’s innovative ERP software provides meaningful transparency and access for your community and staff, along with powerful insights into data. The RDA Solution is hosted in the Cloud, providing regular backups, product updates, and concierge support, ensuring that clients feel confident and are successful with their new software.

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