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Freshdesk, A Fresh Perspective On Customer Service

The long and short of it is this: customer service will make or break a business. Your company can offer the most prestigious products or services on the planet. And, to put it simply, it won’t mean anything if your customers don’t like you and don’t want to do business with you. We, at RDA Systems, understand how crucial excellent customer service is to our clientele, and our clients are what keep our company going.

Since our clients are the reason RDA exists, we introduced a customer service feature that is sure to make our customers’ lives easier and keep them coming back to us every single time. Freshdesk is the latest in helpdesk technology. RDA has a reputation for excellent customer service, consistently scoring superior ratings in the category of client satisfaction. RDA’s concierge support is a new online helpdesk technology called Freshdesk. This innovative client service technology is groundbreaking on a number of levels.

With Freshdesk, our team can:

  • Automate follow-ups, escalations, and time or event tasks
  • Streamline and manage client conversations in one place
  • Enable our clients to leverage our advanced Knowledge Base
  • Collaborate with other teams to resolve issues faster
  • Automate our clients’ repetitive work to save them time
  • And so much more…

Our clients’ needs extend beyond our products or services, and we get that. Freshdesk takes customer service to a whole new level. By streamlining client support through our online helpdesk technology, we are, in essence, giving back to our clients their most precious commodity—time.

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