The Fun(d) of using more Ranging Criteria

We all run RDA reports everyday.  We prepare them for board meetings, supervisors, auditors, coworkers and even ourselves.  Reports are the best and most appropriate way to accurately show how appropriations are being expensed or how much revenue is being recognized.  Not always though, does every account code need to be shown its status.

Ranging on one account code is common knowledge if that account code needs to be shown.  But what if there was a way to show information for a selected group of accounts; a specific module or financial group for example:

  • Vendor Payments
  • Payroll
  • A Fund Group in Financial Management
  • A Fund Type in Financial Management
  • A Fund Classification in Financial Management

Expenditure Summary Reports are normally run to show account code information for a set fiscal period.  More often than not a user will query four or five common accounts amongst hundreds to get the amounts they need.  Wouldn’t it be easier to group these accounts together? Maybe range on that small group of accounts rather than view all the ones shown from the set fiscal period?

The beauty of the Financial Management module is it allows you to build numerous range groups to make financial reporting easier to read.  It saves you precious time when you need to submit a report immediately to someone.

Have I peaked your interest yet?  Are you curious how to create these range groups?  To get started, please click on the video link below to learn for yourself how this is done.  You’ll be glad you did!

Also, nearly every user uses screen defaults to populate fields for quicker processing.  Did you know that you could save multiple defaults at once for one report in Financial Management?  That’s something to think about until my next blog.

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