Monthly reporting of wages starts in 2013 on a phased-in basis and applies to Illinois employers having 25 or more employees. These reports must be filed electronically and supplement the required quarterly reports (resulting in 4 quarterly and 8 monthly reports). ?_The monthly reporting requirement will be phased in as follows (a report for a month is due no later than the last day of the following month):
1) 250 or more employees, effective for January, 2013 wages
2) 100 – 249 employees, effective for July, 2013 wages
3) 50 – 99 employees, effective for January, 2014 wages
4) 25 – 49 employees, effective for July, 2014 wages
Monthly wage filing must be submitted via TaxNet, the Illinois Department of Employment Security’s online tax filing application. If you are not already filing quarterly wage reports electronically via TaxNet, an Electronic Filing Certification must be filed prior to the initial electronic submission.
We at OpenRDA are in the process of developing the report for creation of the electronic monthly file. So that we can assist you with your first required filing, please let us know which bracket (number of employees) your organization is in.

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