Inclement Weather Forecast Canton, GA

Forecasts are calling for a significant winter weather event in the north Atlanta metro area over the next 48 hours.

Ice and snow on the roads will not stop us from serving you.  We are able to work from home via the internet.  However, if we experience a significant ice storm, our ability to serve you will be severely challenged.  Power outages usually accompany ice storms as trees and limbs freeze and fall upon power lines.  Without power, the RDA team cannot use computers to access the internet.  If we are without internet service, our fall back plan is the use of smart phones.   I ask for your patience as it will take us a little longer to resolve help desk tickets using only smart phones.  We will respond to every ticket or call as quickly as we can.

I will update via this blog as the situation unfolds and let you know your best options for obtaining help desk support.

Thank you!

Dave Davis

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