A new report has been created for OpenRDA and added to the Reports menu. It has also been added to OpenRDA’s new Year Endmenu items (accessed via Maintenance from the Resource bar). The Leave Job Master Unprocessed Amounts report uses the leave job file (LVEJOB) and sorts by leave identification. The report will display unprocessed earnings and unprocessed used amounts. Unprocessed amounts represent the total of leave transactions that haven’t been updated. Prior to running this report, it is recommended that you run the Sync Unprocessed Amounts report (from Maintenance, either Change/Set or the Year End menu) so that any incorrect/hanging unprocessed amounts are re-established based on any leave transactions that haven’t been updated. Because the Cap Leave Balances and Move Leave Balances report processes automatically exclude leave job masters that have unprocessed amounts, it is recommended that you review this new report so that the transactions can be updated before using the Cap or Move processes. Additionally, if leave balances are moved from one leave description to another, those transactions must be updated before another move leave process is run. This report can be run (repeatedly) to confirm that there are no unprocessed amounts.


Product Date: Thursday, June 6, 2013


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