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Knowing what “flowers” you’ll find appealing (i.e., of interest) has been a challenge since I  began writing my blog last August. We’re able to track when the email announcing a blog posting is opened and when the Read More is clicked. When I review the statistics, I try not to take it personally when the clicks are considerably lower than the opens (which would indicate that I didn’t pique your interest enough to read more).  Our OpenRDA software serves a very diverse group consisting of finance directors, business managers, personnel directors, personnel and payroll specialists, finance assistants, data entry and billing clerks, budget analysts, city and county treasurers, city and county clerks, city and county administrators, superintendents, assistant superintendents, etc. So, it’s understandable that a blog posting just isn’t going to be relevant or interesting to the entire audience.

If you’re one of our customers/users and are not even receiving the emails advising of a new blog posting, they are likely going into your spam folder or quarantine. Search for (and authorize delivery) emails from RDA Systems, Inc. or Dave Davis, with the subject of Posts from OpenRDA.

Your time is precious and I want my blog postings to bring value and relevancy. If you’ll take a minute to let me know subjects of interest to you, that will make my day!  Add comments directly to this blog posting or send me an email.




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  1. so you’ll know, below are subjects for Bringing You Flowers blog postings that have already been written and scheduled:

    Employee Self Serve and W2s
    Reconciliation to Expense
    Cost Allocation for Bulk Purchases
    ESS Requisitions
    Refund Deductions in Payroll


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