New OpenRDA 3.0 and 4.0 Programs Released 11/28/2016

New OpenRDA 3.0 and 4.0 programs were made available on the website November 28, 2016.

OpenRDA 3.0?_programs have a Compile and Release date of 11/18/2016. ?_
OpenRDA 4.0?_programs have a Compile Date of 11/22/2016 and version number of 4.0.21-38580

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This release contains the following:

Features / Processes for 2016 ACAs as well as the 2016 forms?_
Many OpenRDA exports were creating .tsv files which some versions of Excel would not open. ?_These have been changed in OpenRDA 4.0 ONLY?_to create .csv files.
When exporting a Query or Report to a .csv file using the .csv button / option, negative amounts were converting as text values rather than numerical. ?_This has been corrected in OpenRDA 4.0 ONLY. ?_?_

Please look for future year end releases for W2 and Tax Table Updates as they become available. ?_As always, please review all Product Announcements found under the Help menu.

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