New payroll programs were released 07/08/2013 due to revisions to the North Dakota State tax tables. ?_Once the programs have been downloaded and installed, access the ND STATE deduction description and use the Copy Standard Setup button (on the Compute tab). ?_This will cause the two state tax tables to automatically update. ?_There is no change to the Exemption Amount.?_
The reduced rates are the result of action taken by the North Dakota Legislature in its 2013 session (bill was signed by the Governor on May 7). ?_Although the rates are effective January 1, 2013, employers are not required to retroactively withhold. ?_For more information on North Dakota Income Tax Withholding, please use the following link: ?_http://www.nd.gov/tax/indwithhold/pubs/guide/
If programs were downloaded and installed earlier this month, you should now only need to download the Payroll program zip (it will reflect July 8 on the FTP Programs Screen); then access the ND STATE tax deduction and use the copy standard setup button.

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