OpenRDA 4.0 Gets a Facelift!

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We are pleased to announce we have over 50 customers that have moved to OpenRDA 4.0, our browser based application, which was launched in the second half of 2014!!  Of those, all but two have elected to be hosted in the cloud.  Hosting your data in the cloud eliminates the burden of maintaining the server from your IT staff so they can concentrate on more important technology needs.

We have received very positive feedback relating to the simple transition from OpenRDA 3.0 to OpenRDA 4.0,  the ease of emailing and porting files out of the system in OpenRDA 4.0 (no more core ftp) and how wonderful it is to access the system remotely when users are not able to get to the office.  One resounding negative has been the font size and contrast of the screens, and RDA has LISTENED!!  

We are pleased to announce changes to the OpenRDA 4.0 font from bold faced to a “crisper” style. This should relieve some eye strain at the end of day for our users.  We have also darkened the background to provide more contrast to the data input fields.

This new look is available in the program release dated December 10, 2015.  Below is a sample screenshot of the before and after:

If you are not able to see the changes after your organization has completed their program updates, each individual will need to clear the cache in their Firefox Web Browser. Please Click Here for instructions on clearing your cache in Firefox.  If you are still having issues after you have completed these steps, please send in a Cyber Support ticket and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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We always welcome feedback, good and bad, as we continue to enhance our products.  If you have not already made the move to OpenRDA 4.0 and would like to get started, please send in a cyber support ticket or email us at support@rdasys.com.

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