OpenRDA 4.0 Key Objectives and Getting It Right

We had three key objectives in mind when we set out to build OpenRDA 4.0.  They were:

  1. Improve the user experience by integrating popular and powerful browser based technology.

  2. Make the transition comfortable for our existing users.

  3. Set the foundation for future improvements.

I am happy to report that we are exceeding each of these objectives.

  1. Improve User Experience – There is no more VNC for connecting to the server.  The file transfer process has been simplified eliminated need for products like CoreFTP.  Printer management is much easier using workstation printers.

  2. Easy Transition from OpenRDA 3.0 – OpenRDA 3.0 business logic, flow and design has been successfully harvested for reuse. Colors, fonts, button placement and screen alignment has been improved. There is not a data conversion/

  3. Foundation for future enhancements- A browser based underlying framework has been implemented using Apache, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, Wt and many more popular and proven technologies.  Resources are readily available to leverage these technologies for future enhancements.  This foundation gives us the ability to quickly and easily pivot as technology changes.

I confess I had hoped to be well into the Pre-Release Program by now.  That  is not the case.  Internal test results are being reviewed and small adjustments are being made where they are needed.  We want OpenRDA 4.0 to be right before we release it.  We will not rush this.  You are too important.  Thank you for your patience.

Initial feedback from those that have seen OpenRDA 4.0 in action has been very, very encouraging.  It’s release will be worth the wait.  OpenRDA 4.0 will make a difference.  Version 4.0 is a big step in the right direction.  Furthermore, It is also the foundation for something better yet to come.

Below are screen pictures depicting the improved look and feel of OpenRDA 4.0. Let me know what you think.

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