OpenRDA 4.0 Update #2

Here is the latest news on the OpenRDA 4.0 project.  Progress is being made.  Most work is on the internal infrastructure and laying the foundation for the new web based system.  Much learning about the web world is taking place.  There are many moving parts which must work together.  This is to be expected.

David Tidd and Robert Goley are carrying the load at this stage of the OpenRDA 4.0 project.  They continue to advance towards the goal.  We are using a product called Wt (pronounced witty) to help us transition to the web while keeping our intellectual capital and business logic intact.  This is critical.   We  have many, many years of knowledge and experience invested in OpenRDA.  I promise you, we do not want to reinvent that wheel.

One of the goals of OpenRDA 4.0 is to make it look and operate as similar to what you are currently using as possible.  Once we are in the web environment, we can slowly deliver small digestible improvements and enhancements that are not possible in the current environment.

Below are some screen shots for your review.  They are black and white.  Color will come later.  Also, the fonts are basic.  They will improve before anything is released.  I think you will agree that OpenRDA 4.0, as shown below, looks like what you are using today.

We are still several months away from the public release.  Let me know if you are interested in the pre-release program.

Your feedback is important.  Your comments make a difference.


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8 thoughts on “OpenRDA 4.0 Update #2”

  1. Appreciate the emails on the updates and the progress. This will help keep me abreast of what is happening.


    Paul Sachar

  2. I’m excited about the new web based system and I would be interested in getting more information on the pre-release program.

    • Lannie:

      You are most welcome. Improvement is a journey not a destination. I will be in touch with you regarding the pre-release program.



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