OpenRDA 4.0 Update: Pre-Release Plan Underway

Pre-Release Plan Underway

Our second participant in the Pre Release Plan is now online.  Thank you to Diane at the Town of Hague, NY!!  Participant #3 should be online in late July and #4 is lined up to start in August.  We are well on track to have the Pre Release Program finished before the end of the year. This will put us in fine shape to release this update (not upgrade) in January 2015.  Lets give a shout out to all that have agreed to participate in the Pre Release Program.  Thank you!!  Their time in testing, reviewing and providing feedback is most helpful in releasing a product that “gets things done”.

Update vs. Upgrade

I mentioned updates and upgrades in the preceding paragraph.  What is the difference?  Updates, which are delivered several times a year, are included as part of your annual support fee. Upgrades are not included in your annual support fee.  Moving from Xpert to OpenRDA was an upgrade.  Moving from OpenRDA 3.0, which is what everyone is using today, to OpenRDA 4.0 is an update.  There is no data conversion.  There is no fee for this update.  OpenRDA 3.0 will sunset in November 2015.

Server Choice

OpenRDA 4.0 is a browser based software application.  OpenRDA 3.0 is not.  Hardware and operating system requirements for OpenRDA 4.0 are very different from those of OpenRDA 3.0. RDA’s recommended setup is to have us manage and host OpenRDA 4.0 on a secure server in the cloud.  This will eliminate the need for an on site server.  Many will opt for this option. Below are the top three reasons why:

  1. Peace of Mind – A server in the cloud is more secure than on premise servers

  2. Reduced IT Workload – All IT has to do is make sure your workstation meets the minimum requirements and can access the web

  3. Availability – The hosted solution will be available wherever you have a connection.

Others will choose to install OpenRDA 4.0 on their own server.  If that is your preferred method, we are ready to help.

Quick Recap:

  • Pre Release Program is going well

  • OpenRDA 4.0 updates will start by January 2015

  • There is no fee to update to OpenRDA 4.0

  • Decision is needed on whether to go cloud or not

Let me know if you have any questions.  Your comments are always encouraged.

2 thoughts on “OpenRDA 4.0 Update: Pre-Release Plan Underway”

  1. Will there be added fees if a company decides to host their own server? Will there still be support available for this server? Thank you.

    • Excellent questions, Lori. There will not be an added fee if you decide to host your own server and there will still be support. We see a lot of advantages to a hosted cloud solution but we also realize that every situation is different. We will be there to support you whichever way you choose.


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